Friday, October 30, 2009

Absinthe Vol. 1: Vintage Quirks

Absinthe, was borned on 29th October 2009.
It is my online fashion photographic art portfolio/gallery.
On another hand, I've finally set up my archives page.
Will probably be away from my blog for a while as finals are kicking in.
Til then. Much love.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


image via Black October

Call me a photo geek if you have to. I'm totally loving this pic bcuz it's lovely, more so because it involves a camera in the picture. That's just so me!

Til then. xo

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Love The Glaring Sunlight




Wearing: basic tank top, Factorie; high-waisted denim shorts, Mink Pink with Sportsgirl threads material necklace

It's yet another nice, warm, sunny day in Spring. Love, love, love this weather to the max! Hope it gonna stick around for a while <3

3 more weeks til the end of my 6 years uni life. Can't wait!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Today, I Feel Like I'm in Neopolitan Dream







Wearing: loose-fitting over sized tee, Mink Pink; Vintage customized high waisted denim shorts, Armani Exchange; knee length socks, Sportsgirl; Vintage 8 holes boots, Doc Martens; denim tote bag, Country Road and vintage sunnies, Cotton On.

I'm totally loving my new vintage high waisted denim shorts. Coco of Not So Naked gave it to me last night after youth church. Thanks hun <3>

And I'm totally loving today's sunny day. Yay for spring!!! =)


Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Slice of Life, Poladroid Fun & Love

self port 05self port 06
self port 11self port 12self port 07hide&seek
self port 09self port 08

Self portraiture with Canon PowerShot Pro I

Outfit of the day:
Black loose crop tank: Dotti/$10; Loose fitting spagetti strip: Kookai/$19.95; Leather Tights: Equip/$29.90; White canvas shoes (8 holes): Target/$19.90; Vintage sunnies: Cotton On/$9.90

Sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been insanely busy. I had a second job interview/7 hours photoshoot sitting at a studio today, and this was what I wore to the interview =)

It was my first studio experience but it was heaps fun indeed. Hope I get the job though =)
On a lighter note, I heard one of the sweetest thing today from a guy who gave up his high profile job and life in Melbourne just to moved to Adelaide for his partner.

'I gave up my high life and job, but I get to be with the girl of my dream'

Awww... How sweet =)

I guess sometimes love just worths the sacrifice.

And lastly, my obsession for the past two days - POLADROID. Check it out, it's heaps cool.

Til then, peeps. much love.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Than Just Twilight




Robert Pattinson by Hedi Slimane
for Another Man A/W 2009


I first saw this series of new Robert Pattinson's photos in Kelly Smith's blog - Birdy and Me.

As much as I would love to keep myself cool and not jumping up and down, squeeking with joy like a crazy teeny blopper after seeing this series of photos, I gotta admit this - I'm really succumbed into this whole Robert Pattinson frenzy! Even the boys would have to agree with me. They can't deny the fact that these photos are GOLD!

Hedi Slimane is fantabulous. There is not even a single tinge of Twilight elements in these shots. Great job, I'll say!

And now, back to day dreaming that one day it will be my turn to take his pictures =)

The September Issue Part II: Vintage Love

IMG_0754 final 2


IMG_0813 final
Model: Vanessa

IMG_0838 A



Model: Deanna (Fox Models)


Make Up/ Hair: Kristy Bassett
Vevo by Yvonne Baulderstone
Models: Deanna Freeth (Fox Models) and Vanessa Bockmann
And special thanks to Lesley for the use of her beautiful country house in Algate

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The September Issue Part I: Dress in Spring

IMG_0676 final



Model: Deanna (Fox Models)

IMG_0608 v final





Model: Vanessa

The September Issue, a collaboration project that I did in mid September with Adelaide Make Up Artist Kristy Bassett, featuring vintage fashion from Vevo by Yvonne Baulderstone. It was named after the documentary show about Anna Wintour which was released in early September this year. This was my first formal fashion shoot and it was great working with so many talented people in Adelaide.

Make Up/ Hair:
Kristy Bassett
Vevo by Yvonne Baulderstone
Models: Deanna Freeth (Fox Models) and Vanessa Bockmann
And special thanks to Lesley for the use of her beautiful country house in Algate