Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thursday Nite Outfit

IMG_9233 blog

IMG_9188 blog

IMG_9187 blog

IMG_9197 blog

IMG_9202 blog

IMG_9221 blog

Dress Rishi
Shoes Martini Osvaldo vintage boots (not shown)

Just an outfit post from Thursday night Attitude Absolute Adelaide party
I was too occupied snapping around
attempting to be the next Cobra Snake
that I did not have a decent photo of myself in those tons of photos.
It was a really awesome party full of fashionistas.

Took these snapshots when I was home after the party.
Now, don't judge, I ain't a professional model
like Alexandra Spencer or Zanita,
hence the amateur posing from teaching models how to pose
and the non-modelling body.

I just started doing my photography after uni,
join my facebook fanpage here
to watch out for photography deals and to follow my work.

I'll be shooting for an amazing theatre musical 'Godspell: The Musical'
that I think everyone should check it out during Easter break.
Come say hi if you see me,
I might give you free photoshoot and discount vouchers ;)


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cobra Snaking
















Chanelle from 'Not So Naked' and I (right)


I was honour to get an invitation to Attitude Absolute Adelaide
for its autumn magazine launch party on Thursday night
for a fashion bloggers gathering with
Chanelle, Selena and Kasim.

Met another fellow fashion blogger, Satamp and her brother
as well as Uly, the designer from None The Richer briefly at the party.

With a sea of trendy, fashion savvy party goers
all packed in Limbo Bar,
I can't help but cobra-snaking some party shots
for the very first time.

Hence, the overload of photos!!!

Click here to view all photos on Thursday night.
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Gotta have a chill weekend
before jumping into serious REAL job hunting again.
Happy weekends, everyone <3


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Old Work 08


IMG_3561 s

IMG_3567 s

IMG_3541 s

IMG_3497 s

Just a quick update while waiting for Alex to pick me up
for a raodtrip down to Keith with the crew.

Found some old work from about 2 years ago,
back in 08 I think.

I just turn my photography hobby into a business
and my website is updated as well.
And so, there is a starving photographic artist for hire,
do contact nichol.brooklyn@gmail.com

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Have an awesome weekend!!! =)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Love More Collaboration Part I

Garden of Unearthly Delights

IMG_8856 air brushed

IMG_8842 airbrushed

IMG_8840 airbrushed


Outdoor Bar

IMG_8820 airbrushed

IMG_8822 airbrushed

model Annabel Wendt
Annabel Wendt
photography Nichol Brooklyn

Pardon me for the lack of outfit post and updates
Life has been insanely busy
with all the permanent residency application matter.

A week ago, Adelaidean fashion blogger -- Bel of Love More
and I had a little fun snapping time
at The Garden of Unearthly Delight
before she embarked on an exciting journey
to work as a fashion intern with Style Stalker

Here are just some of the pictures.
Stay tune for more.

Will be joining an amazing new magazine team in near future
as a freelance photographer and writer
and I am heaps excited.

3 more shoots, 1 more article submission to go
and I am back to full time job hunting!



Thursday, March 4, 2010

Australia's Top Photographers Nomination


Model: Friend in Fashion, fashion blogger

Few days ago, I got an email notification that
I have been nominated in Australia's Top Photographers' Fashion Category
alongside with all the well known, celebrity fashion photographers
such as Richard Bailey and Ellen Dahl

I am still stoked and overwhelmed =)
I'm really blessed <3

And congrats to my fellow photographers who made it to the list
Benjamin Liew, Liam West, David Sievers, Shona Henderson, Harmony Nicholas, Andre Agnew

Sorry if I do miss out anyone,
I am still a fresh architecture graduate
and am not exactly in the industry just yet

Click here to check out the nominees