Monday, March 15, 2010

Love More Collaboration Part I

Garden of Unearthly Delights

IMG_8856 air brushed

IMG_8842 airbrushed

IMG_8840 airbrushed


Outdoor Bar

IMG_8820 airbrushed

IMG_8822 airbrushed

model Annabel Wendt
Annabel Wendt
photography Nichol Brooklyn

Pardon me for the lack of outfit post and updates
Life has been insanely busy
with all the permanent residency application matter.

A week ago, Adelaidean fashion blogger -- Bel of Love More
and I had a little fun snapping time
at The Garden of Unearthly Delight
before she embarked on an exciting journey
to work as a fashion intern with Style Stalker

Here are just some of the pictures.
Stay tune for more.

Will be joining an amazing new magazine team in near future
as a freelance photographer and writer
and I am heaps excited.

3 more shoots, 1 more article submission to go
and I am back to full time job hunting!




  1. Yay congrats on the magazine gig! I love all your photographs and I can't wait to see more =)

  2. I really love the first three and the sixth pic.

  3. congrats on the mag job, love the photos on your blog. I've seen the friendinfashion shots before, now ive discovered the photographer!

  4. AMAZING!! Loves these shots of Annabel.


  5. i absolutely LOVE this shoot! i first came across it on annabel's blog and fell in love with the photography and styling.

    i'm in my final semester of uni (yay!) and can empathize with the full time job hunting that i should probably start doing..! did you find it difficult to start out as a freelance photographer? (if you have time, please reply to my email: x