Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thursday Nite Outfit

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Dress Rishi
Shoes Martini Osvaldo vintage boots (not shown)

Just an outfit post from Thursday night Attitude Absolute Adelaide party
I was too occupied snapping around
attempting to be the next Cobra Snake
that I did not have a decent photo of myself in those tons of photos.
It was a really awesome party full of fashionistas.

Took these snapshots when I was home after the party.
Now, don't judge, I ain't a professional model
like Alexandra Spencer or Zanita,
hence the amateur posing from teaching models how to pose
and the non-modelling body.

I just started doing my photography after uni,
join my facebook fanpage here
to watch out for photography deals and to follow my work.

I'll be shooting for an amazing theatre musical 'Godspell: The Musical'
that I think everyone should check it out during Easter break.
Come say hi if you see me,
I might give you free photoshoot and discount vouchers ;)



  1. I like what i see from all the shoots so far. Like a lot. x

  2. thanks Jorgia. I love ur blog, esp the pictures with the projection. x

  3. That dress is gorgeous and I love your long silky hair!

  4. You have such lovely, shiny hair! Cool necklace and tattoo too. Hope you had a great easter x Sushi

  5. @my reader who wrote in chinese: sorry, i dun think i can read what u are writing, but thanks for dropping by and commenting =)
    @Mary: thanks hun. x
    @Sushi: thanks babe. hope u had a great easter xx

  6. i can't say it enough, you're so inspiring! and very talented =) xx