Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Festive!!!



Summer dress - $4 from Harbor Town
Oversized acid wash denim shirt - Miss Gladys Symm Choons
Vintage belt - Supre
Studded Purse - Nine West
Watch - One Tea Spoon (free from Cleo)
Vintage boots - Doc Martens

Feliz Navidad!!!
And HELLO from Sydney!!!

I had an awesome Christmas with my Adelaidean homies over in Sydney. Great catch up, great company and not forgetting great food!!!

Just a short post on my Christmas/Boxing Day outfit shots
while waiting for my friends to pick me up
for some goodness Dim Sum in the city,
followed by Adriano Zumbo as tea.
Life is good!!!

Hope u all have a great time over the holidays...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ve-Vo Summer Collection 09/10







Label: Ve-Vo Fashion by Yvonne Baulderstone
Hair/Make up: Kristy Bassett
Photography: Nichol Brooklyn

Just a short update of my recent fashion advertorial work and insight into some of Ve-Vo's latest summer collection while I'm blogging from Sydney.

Ve-Vo Fashion can be found at
547 Port Road, West Croydon, South Australia
Gilles Street Market, Adelaide
Online: laveraboutique.com.au

Ps:Please do join my Facebook Photography Page
Ps:The boxing day sale in Sportsgirl has already started and I've already nabbed myself some good deal =)

Have a great holidays and Christmas, everyone <3>

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I See Toby Moulton & I Hear Christmas Carols




Toby Moulton from Australian Idol 09 (Top 5)

Oversized festive tank - Supre
White basic tank - Miss Gladys Symm Choons
Navy skinny jeans - Gripp Jeans
Doc Marten's boots - Ebay
Watch - One Tea Spoon (from Cleo)

I'm in my yet another casual working clothes.
I'm currently loving the cooled down summer days as I could finally wear my newly bought Doc Martens boots two months ago.

Exactly a year ago, i started off taking photos for Paradise Community Church at Christmas Carols and my journey as a volunteer photographer in church began.
It's indeed a sweet one and I am really blessed to have learnt so much and get to know so many amazing people <3 <3 <3

Anyway, just a short entry before heading to Carols at Elder Park with my girlies and then Lobethal drive with the boys.

Gotta love Christmas.
Heading to Sydney for a week on Tuesday.
Can't wait to see my homies again.

ps: photos are taken by Jenna and Caz
pps: Toby is still single


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Award Piccies



ps: my real name is Nicole Brooklyn YitMun Lee

As off yesterday, I've officially become an international multi awards winning photographer.
I just got notified that both Twilight inspired photos that I sent in had won 2 Bronze Awards from the International Aperture Awards 2009 =) =) =)

A big thanks to everyone who was involved in the shoot, MUA Kristy Bassett, Fashion Designer Yvonne Baulderstone of Vevo Fashion, my lovely models Deanna Freeth and Vanessa Bockmann as well as all my family and mates who have been really supportive of my work.

Pardon me for the lack of updates. I've been flooded with insanely busy schedule.
On a second note, I've already terminated my one year contract with the studio and am back into freelancing fashion work and am venturing into another new job, which I shall blog about it soon.

Gonna meet and photo shoot my favourite Australian Idol finalist,Toby Moulton this coming Friday. Can't wait =) =) =)

Til then. Much love.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Kinda Working Clothes


the playsuit

the watch

White tank top - Miss Gladys Symm Choons
Playsuit - Little Potty Red Shoes
Watch - One Tea Spoon (FREE from Cleo Magazine)
Gladiator sandals (not shown) - flee market

This is what I wore to work last Saturday.

Had a busy schedule this week - a fashion shoot/parade and a vintage wedding on the weekend. I'm superb EXCITED!!!
And have i mentioned this???
Toby Moulton from this year's Australian Idol is coming to Christmas Carol next Friday, and I'll be the event photographer =) =) =)

At the moment, I'm trying to establish my portfolio, and fingers crossed, hope that I could be signed by an agent next year.
New York, baby!!! <3 <3 <3


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Luis García Craus © All rights reserved.

Luis García Craus © All rights reserved.

Luis García Craus © All rights reserved.

Luis García Craus © All rights reserved.

Luis García Craus © All rights reserved.

Luis García Craus © All rights reserved.

Luis García Craus © All rights reserved.

Photographer, Luis García Craus
Model, Noora Eronen (Traffic Models).
Stylism, Laura Ruiz Ray & Mariana Martinez.
Make up / Hairdo, Antonio Aguado.

Luis García Craus © All rights reserved.

Frankly speaking, I am no big fan of dark photography. All these Tim Burton wanna-bes who self-proclaim that their blood spilling, dark make up extravaganzas, outrageous suicidal dramatic images as photographic art has totally turned me off.

Enough said.

But I guess I was wrong.
The art of 'dark photography' is indeed really beautiful if one could nail it in perfection.

Luis García Craus, this talented young photographer from Spain. I was totally amazed at how he sculptured and captured the art of dark photography and fashion so beautifully. It's dark and bold, yet so elegant and classy at the same time.

And that's just inspiring!

ps: All images above are copyrighted and I have got the permission to post them up on my blog from Luis =)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!!