Sunday, December 20, 2009

I See Toby Moulton & I Hear Christmas Carols




Toby Moulton from Australian Idol 09 (Top 5)

Oversized festive tank - Supre
White basic tank - Miss Gladys Symm Choons
Navy skinny jeans - Gripp Jeans
Doc Marten's boots - Ebay
Watch - One Tea Spoon (from Cleo)

I'm in my yet another casual working clothes.
I'm currently loving the cooled down summer days as I could finally wear my newly bought Doc Martens boots two months ago.

Exactly a year ago, i started off taking photos for Paradise Community Church at Christmas Carols and my journey as a volunteer photographer in church began.
It's indeed a sweet one and I am really blessed to have learnt so much and get to know so many amazing people <3 <3 <3

Anyway, just a short entry before heading to Carols at Elder Park with my girlies and then Lobethal drive with the boys.

Gotta love Christmas.
Heading to Sydney for a week on Tuesday.
Can't wait to see my homies again.

ps: photos are taken by Jenna and Caz
pps: Toby is still single



  1. Love the shirt & the docs! Congrats on the carols too :)

    Have fun in Sydney!

  2. Thanks hun. Meeting Toby was a lil overwhelming cuz he was so nice =)

    Have a great Christmas <3