Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She and Him

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Photography: Nichol Brooklyn
Styling: Selena Battersby and Chanelle Leslie
Hair and make-up: Hanna Nason
Models: Chloe Sargeant (Pride Models) and Erin Habermann

Our shoot's theme and concept idea:

'The clothing is a mix of mine and Chanelle’s, and it’s really all sorts.
there’s limedrop, modcloth, marc jacobs, sportsgirl and heaps of vintage!

I was inspired by cocorosie, androgyny and simple love.
and of course the title comes from one of my favourite duos
she & him!
i wanted two female models, with one portraying the man,
i wanted to show a simple romance,
nothing too sexual, just enough to catch your eye.
(from Selena of dearselena.com)

I have been wanting to share this new addition to my portfolio for a while
but work in the studio has been pretty busy.
Another last minute shoot that we (The AFC crew) had nailed some time ago
while local newspaper, In Daily was interviewing about the AFC.
Check it out here.

I just got a job as a freelance photographer/contributor
at Attitude Magazine, a local fashion magazine in Adelaide
and will be shooting for them at Morrison Rundle Street opening
on this coming Wednesday,
plus some other exciting stuff that is coming up.

On a lighter note, I got a reply from my favourite DJ Tiesto today
and it defintiely made my day =)
Can't wait for his gig for the coming Stereosonic in December
And hopefully I can meet him in real person.

I'm currently applying for a job in the fashion industry
wish me luck <3



  1. This is a great collab girl - you are really killing it with the photography!

    A big congrats on Attitude as well - can't wait to team up again in a couple of weeks :)

    Luv, Friend in Fashion

  2. Friend in Fashion: can't wait to catch up soon. xxx

    Sundari: thanks love =)

  3. Congratulations on your freelance job! x