Friday, January 22, 2010

The Untold Story

The Untold Story flickr
The Untold Story
Wearing Supre Leotard

'Being a photographic artist who spends most of the time working behind the lense, I ain't a big fan of having my photos being taken or taking my own pictures. I hate to admit this - but I am a complex contradiction at times. I am no big fan of self portrait, deeming it as an act of narccissim, yet loving it to the bits on the other hand, as it is the sole channel which I could express my creativity with no limitation. I am pretty much a shy individual most of the time. I attempt to hide my face using a camera, sunnies, or whatever I could find as a prop when my pictures are being taken. Meanwhile, there is another outrageous side of me which is frigging at its best, wanting to be seen, and not to be concealed behind the lense. I have a passion in both fashion and photography. 'The Untold Story' is a collection of my very rare self portrait, being in front of the lense doing a one man show as the photographer, the make up artist, the stylist, the art director as well as the model.'

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Pardon me for the lack of updates,
life has been pretty full on with uni work, wedding photography
and lastly, church conference.

I had a chance to meet 09 Australian Idol winner - Stan Walker
and photoshoot him on Monday.
It was really amazing.
Pictures will be up soon,
I promise =)

Have a great Friday.


  1. You certainly have my vote love! These are fabulous :)

    Have you entered my fashion giveaway yet?

  2. amazing!!! love it. love the eyebrows!


  3. You have my vote!

    You are looking amazing xx