Monday, November 16, 2009

Cheap & Chic

cheap and chic 1

cheap and chic 2

tank top & skirt - Supre
belt - Ice

handbag - Sportsgirl
black sandals - Rubi Shoes
Sunglasses - YSL

Total cost of outfit : less than $70, excluding the overpriced YSL sunnies of course.

Pardon me for the lack of photographical skill and creativity in this post. They're just my quick outfit snapshots before the meeting with the directors at the Studio. The meeting went well, and I just can't wait to be done with uni and start working =)
Guess what? I get to be the stylist too <3

Love the casual, chic & energetic environment.
Had a great weekend hanging with my mates, chilling at the beach and Project 18:00.
Now, I'm back to reality and my 2500 words essays. God bless the archi-slaves.

Can't wait til Wednesday - shooting with the talented MUA - Aleisha Gannon and Zoo Weekly model - Lexy, chilling with my babe before she heads off to Melbourne and Cairns, and hitting Glenelg beach with the St Agnas crew in the evening.

On another note, the full video of Paris Fashion Week is up. Enjoy!



  1. looking forward to seeing your work when it's done honey!
    xxx bel

  2. Love this skirt - i've got one too! Looks great with the wide belt:)


  3. @Bel: thanks hun. unfortunately, i've got this thing called SUPP to do cuz i did really badly in my final =( but there will be new work coming up for sure. xx
    @Friend in Fashion: yea. i love it. i've got two of the similar design. got them during the sale <3

  4. i adore your skirt!! and good luck with all your upcoming work

  5. i LOVE THE skirt!!

    visit my blog & follow me!=:-D


  6. Goregous outfit! I do not miss uni at all (well I don't miss the work, I miss the people!)

  7. Just found your blog, Love your skirt!

  8. That outfit is hot! Love the print on the skirt.

  9. i love this outfit-the skirt, sunglasses, everything! congrats on a successful meeting, my dream is to be a stylist. you're so lucky! :)

  10. another NB! aren't we fabulous. haha
    cute outfit, love those YSL sunnies :)

    xo Niki

  11. @Stacy: thanks :)
    @claulovesfashion: i tried following u, but i failed. it's in foreign language which i dun understand where to click :(
    @Miri: thanks. yea. i dun like uni, but i miss my friends.
    @Nubia & Stevie: thanks. it's my fav summer skirt now :)
    @Coy Colleen: thanks. i'm pretty lucky actually. I am a fashion photographer, so i kinda do everything in low budget shoots and modelling portfolios :)
    @Niki B: thanks, my new found online twin. yea. we're fabulous! haha. x