Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I See Angelina Jolie


IMG_1821 close up





Tattoo - Black & White
MUA/Body Art: Aleisha Gannon
Model: Lexy Stevens
Photography: Nichol Brooklyn

And finally, I'm done with the editing of my Hedi Slimane plus film photography inspired black and white shoot. It is indeed yet my another work with minimal equipment, using only natural lighting, with no flash, or studio lighting. Pardon me for the delay, I've been on my photographer's block recently.

Somehow I am getting sick of all these little things - guidelines, rules of thumb, judgements, framing, rules, technicals. And lastly, the unseen general rules in digital photography which states that a good photograph is one that is highly air brushed until the model looks like a 3D porcelain doll. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against air brushing, they are awesome images but I'm currently obsessed with film photography, especially its soft touch and grainy effect in the images. It's just a personal preference =)

It's almost 6am now. Time for bed. Hope that I'm getting my appointment letter soon.

Have a great day! Will post up weekends photos that I took with the Not So Naked girls - Amanda and Chanelle at the BMW Fashion Clothing Exchange soon.

PS: Lexy looks like Angelina Jolie =)
Sorry for the technical difficulties in viewing the pictures this noon, I was supposed to replace the old ones with the newly enhanced ones, but I totally forgot about it while answering a call from Dan of 'And Or With' and rushing to Mark's studio.



  1. Wow - beautiful photos - you are such a talent! :)


  2. @Friend in Fashion: Thanks hun. xx :)

    @Nubia: I forgot to put them back up onto the blog while rushing out, talking on the phone. yikes :S

  3. beautiful! she totally looks like anjelina

    x Niki